Inverter of Fluorescent lamp

It is the ballast's role to control the current and voltage so that the Fluorescent lamp can be used safely and stably as a light source. It also has the role of supplying residual heat voltage and starting voltage to the electrode and controlling so that it lights immediately when the switch is pushed. It is an important part which influences the life and brightness of the Fluorescent lamp.

SRC's ballast is a ballast made up of electronic parts, it turns on by converting the power frequency to high frequency, so it can light up brightly without flickering.

Major features

1. PSE conformity
Case-containing type complies with Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (PSE).
2. Frequency free
Both of the power supply frequency can operate at 50 Hz / 60 Hz.
Even against fluctuations in the power supply voltage. Stable lighting can be maintained.
3. Safety design with multiple protection circuits
Safety design incorporating multiple protection circuits such as lamp life end detection circuit, lightning surge prevention circuit, noise prevention circuit, inrush current suppression circuit, etc.
4. Flickering · Unpleasant sound does not come out
By high-frequency lighting, there is no flickering of light, no burden is placed on the eyes.
Also, I do not hear a bad sound.
5. Significant weight saving
The weight of the product is about 1/4 of the conventional magnetic ballast (copper type) and lightweight.
In addition, due to simplification of installation and design, weight reduction of the main body is possible.
6. Heat generation is small and cooling efficiency is improved
Since the heat generated by coils etc. is small, the cost of air conditioning such as air conditioning can be greatly suppressed.
7. CO2 emission reduction effect
Compared with the conventional magnetic ballast (copper type), because it consumes less power, it is effective for reducing Co2 emissions.
8. High efficiency inverter
By improving inverter efficiency, we achieved power savings.