Electronic ballasts for Fluorescent lamps or UV lamps

It is the role of the stabilizer to control the current and the voltage and to prevent the damage of the fluorescent lamp and the UV light, so that the fluorescent lamp and the UV light are safe and stable and can be used as a light source.
SRC Co., Ltd. is an inverter-type electronic stabilizer that is effective for energy saving rather than a conventional magnetic stabilizer (copper iron type). This electronic stabilizer can be supplied in the Unit type and board type.

The power input and lamp output connectors can also be customized for customers.
Main Features
 1.PSE fit
The case type conforms to the Electrical Appliance Safety Act (PSE).
 2. Frequency free
 The power frequency is 50Hz/60Hz, and both can operate.
Also, stable lighting can be maintained against fluctuations in the supply voltage.
 3. Safety design by multiple protection circuit
Safety design with built-in multi-protection circuit such as end-of-life detection circuit, lightning surge prevention circuit, noise prevention circuit, inrush current suppression circuit.
 4. No flicker or jarring roar sound
 The high-frequency lighting does not have a flicker of light and does not bear the burden on the eyes.
In addition, there is no harsh roar sound.
 5. Significant weight reduction
 The weight of the product is about 1/4 of the conventional magnetic stabilizer (copper iron type) and lightweight.
In addition, it is possible to reduce the weight of the body by simplifying the installation and design.
 6. Low calorific value and cooling efficiency up
Due to the low heat generation due to the coil etc., the cost of air conditioning, etc. can be greatly suppressed.
 7. CO2 emission reduction effect
Compared to conventional magnetic stabilizer (copper iron type), it is effective for reducing CO2 emissions due to low power consumption.
 8. Low-power inverter with high efficiency

We achieved power saving by improving inverter efficiency.