Track ball

Trackball mouse is an item that rotates the spherical ball that is attached to the main unit and manipulates the pointer.

SRC's trackball adopts a large ball, so you can move the pointer widely with a single operation. In addition, you can operate with just your fingertips without moving the main body like an ordinary mouse, so you can reduce the pain and fatigue of your hands.

What is a trackball?

It is a device for rotating a sphere (ball) at the top by hand and operating a cursor (pointer) etc, usually two or more buttons for determining and selecting items are arranged.
Instead of moving the cursor by hand like a mouse like the mouse, you use the fingertips or the palm to rotate only the ball.
There is no need to move the arm or hand to operate the trackball, and you do not need a large space like a mouse.
In addition, when operating with feet, since both hands can be used freely, it can be used even by handicapped people, and it is also used for medical applications such as image diagnostic apparatuses, for personal computers for industrial and military use, public facilities It is done.

It can be used with PS / 2 and USB equipped DOS / V personal computer, please use it.