Company Profile

Company profile

Company name SRC Incorporated
Location Office              2-4-3, Yanagibashi, Taitoh-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 111-0052
                      Turtle Asakusabashi 2nd Floor
                      Telphone +81 3 5833 6424 (03-5833-6424)
                      Facsimile +81 3 5833 6425 (03-5833-6425)
Narita Plant     423, Sakata, Yokoshibahikari-machi, Sanbu-gun, Chiba, JAPAN 289-1754
                      Telphone +81 479 82 6981 (0479-82-6981)
                      Facsimile +81 479 82 6982 (0479-82-6982)
Date of establishment November 2007
Capital 8 million yen
Officer President and CEO       Keiichi Ogawa
Narita Plant Manager Hidetugu Nishida

Company history

November 2007 Established a company.
May 2008 The company was founded in Komagata, Taito Ward, Tokyo.
July 2008 Narita factory opened in Yokoshiba Koichi, Sanbu District, Chiba Prefecture.
At the Narita Factory, we started manufacturing and marketing fluorescent lamp inverters for arcade game machines, LED power supply for sign lighting "Eco smart", and industrial track balls.
October 2008 Head office moved to Kuramae, Taito Ward, Tokyo.
April 2016 Head office moved to Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Business content


LED inverter power supply

Development / Manufacturing / Sales

SRC-fluorescent lamp-inverter

Electronic ballast of fluorescent lamp

Development / Manufacturing / Sales
SRC-TrackBall Track ball Manufacturing / Sales
SRC-OpusClean Opus Clean
Alkaline ionic water for cleaning
SRC-Maxonic Audio system
Development / Manufacturing / Sales

 Agency service

Owell_logo.png O-WELL corporation.
LED lighting
LED unit
Sales / manufacturing entrusted

Narita works facilities

Environmental equipment PSE specific testing facility EMC measuring equipment PowerSupply Other

List of Narita Plant Faclities