Social Media Policy

Esravlised  November 2, 2008
Revised     April 2, 2018


SRC Information Social Media Policy

When using social media SRC Incorporated employees must observe this SRC’s social media policy.

Awareness and responsibilities associated with posted information and responses to social media

  • Always be aware that information delivered over the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users with varying backgrounds. Be aware that once information is disclosed over a network it can never be deleted completely.
  • Fully understand that individual postings may carry serious consequences. Be responsible when sending out and responding to information on social media, and take care not to mislead other users.

Promotion of marketing communications through proper information sharing

  • Don't forget to take listen. First and foremost with social media you have to listen to other users. 
  • Always remember that strengthening ties with employees and stakeholders through communications not only increases individual employee value, but also contributes greatly to improving the SRC brand. 
  • Learn through experience. Share this experience both inside and outside the company to contribute to the growth of as many individuals and communities as possible.

As a Corporate Citizen

When posting information, employees are obliged to abide by relevant laws and SRC internal regulations.

When conducting on-going interactions

We have various guidelines for SRC Information employees in addition to this policy regarding the business and personal use of social media.

To our Customer and Users

  • Please be aware that information posted on social media by the SRC Incorporated employees do not necessarily represent the official opinions or announcements of the SRC Incorporated. Official announcements are published in press releases and are posted on the SRC website or those of SRC Incorporated.
  • The method of engagement (whether responses are permitted, methodology, active times, etc.) differs according to the account.