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Customer   Planning  
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Contract service ems-01.png Design *Electronic circuit
*Printed board
ems-02.png Trial production *Prototype evaluation
*Parts evaluation
*Reliability test
ems-03.png Procurement *Procurement of parts
ems-04.png Manufacture *Production control
ems-06.png Inspection *Inspection
*Quality assurance
ems-05.png Transport *Picking
*Inventory control
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Contract development OEM / ODM

Please leave it totally from development and design to prototype evaluation, mass production. Hardware (analog / digital) and software are all designed internally. Products using PIC microprocessor can also be manufactured. We will materialize customer requirements and provide high quality system.

LED power supply

Inverter of Fluorescent lamp

SRCのLED電源 SRC蛍光灯インバータ
>We will manufacture LED power supply according to specified LED.
>For a custom example, please click here.
>We will manufacture invertors according to your designated fluorescent light, BL tube, sterilization etc.
>For a custom example, please click here.


Features of Assembly Consignment

We assemble, solder and crimp each industrial product.
We have various crimping tools, lead-free solder, iron for eutectic soldering.
We are also contracting the assembling work by holding your special tools.
We are actively developing jigs and tools for cost reduction and productivity improvement.
In addition to assembly consignment, we also deal with parts removal, inspection and packaging.

Achievement of assembly consignment

Assembling medical equipment
Assembling of electronic equipment
Board assembly


Types of inspection consignment

Design surface inspection (design inspection)
Appearance inspection (scratches, dirt, etc.) Case of appearance inspection
Finished inspection (processing defect etc.)
Color tone inspection (printing, inspection of painted products)
Transmission inspection
Foreign matter inclusion inspection

Features of inspection consignment

We undertake inspection processes for various industrial products.
It is used for cost reduction by outsourcing inspection process.
It is used as an acceptance inspection of foreign imported goods.
We are actively developing jigs and tools for cost reduction and productivity improvement.
In addition to inspection, we also deal with removal and packing of auxiliary parts and shipping to customers.
Inspection pattern