LED Power supply

The LED power supply is a device that converts a commercial power supply (100VAC to 240VAC) into DC necessary for lighting the LED.

SRC's power supply for LEDs has been made slim by miniaturization technology cultivated in the development and manufacture of fluorescent lamp ballasts, by eliminating heat dissipation slits, we adopted a waterproof structure and developed a power supply unit with high waterproof performance . Installation in indoor and outdoor became possible, installation location was safe and convenient, regardless of installation location.

Major features

1. Inrush Current prevention function, overcurrent protection function, overvoltage protection function, overheat protection function The design with the time lag function of 10msec is adopted in the input circuit.
In addition, if the current that deviates from the derating characteristic is continuous, the heat protection function operates and protects the set before it reaches the temperature that gives the circuit a significant loss.
2. Waterproof structure Housed in aluminum case without heat dissipation slit.
Because it is a waterproof structure sealed by silicon resin, it corresponds to the wind and rain at the time of outdoor installation.
3. Standby Power Improvement Type

Because of the standby power improvement type, which reduces the input loss to less than 0.1 W when releasing the output side, it is possible to divert to various applications such as home appliances in addition to LED lighting. Please use the LED power supply with a degree of freedom in the installation location of the SRC, the waterproof performance IP64 support.