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Establishment April 2, 2018
This website is operated by SRC Incorporated. (hereinafter referred to as "Company").

About Link to SRC Website Inc.

For links to our website, please check the following terms of use, please use it.

Conditions for use

Please observe the following conditions and link.

Link conditions

Links to our website are free regardless of profit, non-profit or intranet.
You can link the link to the top page of our website <https://src-el-main.com/> and individual files and pages freely.
Please be sure to keep your website's grade sufficient in linking to our company.
We will not be held liable for any damages, claims, etc. from third party against your website. Please do not give damages to our company as a link destination in regard to compensation from third parties against your website or any complaints, claims, etc.
We are not responsible for the accuracy of the contents of the contents of our website which is your link destination.
Regardless of the reasons, if you can not comply with the terms of use described in the text or if you are not willing to obey, please stop using the link immediately.

We will refuse the link as below strictly

A link from a website that includes content that slanders slander, trustworthiness of our company and its products and services.
Links from sites that may post illegal content (including content with illegal possibilities), involved in or involved in illegal activities (including activities with illegal potential).
A link using a frame or a link which becomes unknown to be our contents by other methods.

Other notes

Content and URL on our website may be changed or deleted without notice. Please note.
This use condition is subject to change without notice. If this use condition is changed, please follow the changed usage conditions. Please note.
For copyright, please refer to "Terms of use" page.