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President K.Ogawa

Thank you for accessing our website.
In May 2008, founded in Komagata, Taito Ward, Tokyo, it has been 10 years since the beginning.
This will also be disproportionately appreciated by all of you, the gift of support and assistance, from the bottom of my heart.
Since its founding, we have developed a product group that made use of analog circuit technology, and put it on the market.
In lighting power supply equipment among them, we have been involved in LED ization of sign display products as soon as possible and have contributed to energy conservation.
In audio equipment, we stick to excited speakers and provided more natural sounds.
In recent years, we have developed microcontrollers, power supply equipment, sensors-equipped equipment, etc. and are playing a part in HA conversion.
For the next ten and twenty years, as a company that supports Japanese manufacturing at the bottom, I'd like to put out a product group on the market that will be useful to everyone.