Product introduction

The eco smart of the SRC LED power supply is a safety and waterproof structure with built-in multiple protection circuit, and it does not choose the installation location. The SRC LED power supply "Eco Smart" is a safety and drip-proof structure with a built-in multi-protection circuit, and does not choose the installation location. SRC fluorescent lamp inverter ballast is a safe and energy-saving product with built-in multiple protection circuit. SRC Inc. is an electronic stabilizer composed of electronic components and stabilizers for fluorescent lamps and ultraviolet lights. It lights up by converting the power frequency to a high frequency, and it lights up brightly without flickering.
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SRC's industrial trackball is an alternative pointing device for the mouse, and it is also used for image processing and medical equipment. SRC's industrial trackball is a mouse-pointing device that is used for image processing and medical devices. p_yuuga_1.JPG The OpusClean of SRC is electrolytic alkaline ionized water for cleaning. Since it does not contain any deleterious substances, alcohol or surfactants, it is a clean water that combines both safety and functionality.
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p_yuuga_1.JPG MAXONIC is Japan's audio brand of exciting audio system. SRC is commissioned from development and design to assembly and inspection. Shipment is also available, so please contact us. The SRC is available for development, design, assembly and inspection. Also, please contact us for shipping.
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