LED Power supply


Compatible with PSE for input from 100 VAC to 240 VAC.
You can use it with confidence in overseas as well as in Japan.
ECO_smart.pngIt is the optimum power that can be used for signs & displays LED signs and LED lights. We adopted a very slim design with a cross section of 25 mm × 25 mm. Even if it is installed inside a signboard or lighting, it is an ideal style that does not take up space and is less likely to become a shadow. Lineup of 12V and 24V respectively (30W only for 48V type) to 3 outputs of 10W, 30W and 60W. AC input is multi voltage input of 100 ~ 240V. Moreover, since it is a drip-proof specification (IP 64 compliant), we made the installation place more flexibility, so it's also a feature that you can use it without choosing the site.


Input voltage AC100V - AC240V
Ripple 0.5Vp-p Max
Input variation rate Output voltage(V)x0.5% Max
Load fluctuation rate Output voltage(V)x0.5% Max
Drift over time Output voltage(V)x0.5% Max+20mV Max
Cooling method Natural air cooling
Waterproof performance IP-64
Protection function Overcurrent protection (natural restoration)
Overcurrent protection (Zener limiter type)
Safety standard PSE compliant (excluding ES 4830 A)
IEC 950 series (UL · C-UL · EU) compliant
Model number Input frequency
Output voltage
Output current
ES1210A 49-440 12±0.5 0.85 10
ES2410A 24±1.0 0.42 10
ES1230A 12 2.50 30
ES2430A 24 1.25 30
ES4830A 45 0.63 30
ES1260A 12 5.00 60
ES2460A 24 2.50 60
Model number Input capacity
ES1210A 25 180 25x25x220 G
ES2410A 25 180 25x25x220
ES1230A 60 250 25x25x310
ES2430A 60 250 25x25x310
ES4830A 60 250 25x25x310
ES1260A 120 400 25x25x570
ES2460A 120 400 25x25x570