Opus Clean

Earth-friendly cleaning water born from water Opus Clean

Opus Clean is electrolytic alkaline ion water for cleaning.
It is made from water, it contains no deleterious substances, alcohol, surfactant.
By enhancing the function that the original water is equipped by making water special, we have strong detergency and peeling power.
Because it does not contain deleterious substances, it is wash water used in a wide range of fields that combines firm safety and functionality for the environment, the human body, etc.



Electrolytic alkaline ion water Toxic Substances Control Substances Control Law




  Lid Container Capacity
Opus Clean Push spray Bottle 200mL
Drop cap Bottle 200mL
Refill Opus Clean Nozzle Soft package 1000mL
Nozzle Bottle 2000mL
Business Opus Clean Cock Folding type poly container 5L / 15L (5Lx3) / 18L

h2o.png Why does it get dirty?opus_clean_sayou.png

Negative ions and dirt from the Opus Clean solution react, causing dirt to emerge from the dirty surface.
Cleaning is completed by wiping off the floating dirt.

h2o.png It removes not only dirt but also static electricity.

The function of removing static electricity is not the ratio of tap water.
Therefore, it prevents dirt and dust from reattaching.

h2o.png Are the fields and applications used?

Opus Clean is used in such fields and applications.

Category Application example
Camera / lens manufacturer Wash the lens before coating the lens
Smart device user Clean screen of smartphone or tablet device
Record lovers Removal and cleaning of dust and dirt on the analog board
Library Cleaning the book cover, desk, bookshelf after film pasting
Pet industry Washing of toilet substitutes for pet shampoo and toilet
A railroad company Periodical cleaning in the train
Hotel or event hall Cleaning of rooms and carpets
Dental clinic Cleaning of dental instruments
Electronics store Cleaning air conditioner

h2o.png How safe is Opus Clean?

1. Opus Clean does not contain any chemicals that lead to harm to the human body or water pollution.
2. It has a high pH value, strong alkali property, but has no effect on the skin etc.
3. Typical examples of severe erosion of the skin include caustic soda, which is contained in many of strong acid and similar electrolytic water, but of course these are not included at all.
4. As regards the stability of performance, it is firmly established, so long as the storage condition is appropriate, the efficacy will not be lost for a long time. Also, Opus Clean is different from washing.
5. Since it does not contain surfactants and alcohols, which are main components of detergents and shampoos, they combine with fatty soils, crystals like soap are generated, no oxidizing action occurs.

These points are decisively different from other similar items.
It is a characteristic of the Opus Clean that keeps the safety and function to the human body and the environment and makes it possible to remove dirt from the surface by the action of negative ions and to remove it by wiping off.